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  • Runtime 83 Minute
  • country USA
  • 2029 Votes
  • Miguel Arteta
  • Two friends with very different ideals start a beauty company together. One is more practical while the other wants to earn her fortune and live a lavish lifestyle
  • Comedy

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Like a Boss Theatrical release poster Directed by Miguel Arteta Produced by Marc Evans Peter Principato Itay Reiss Joel Zadak Screenplay by Sam Pitman Adam Cole-Kelly Story by Danielle Sanchez-Witzel Starring Tiffany Haddish Rose Byrne Jennifer Coolidge Natasha Rothwell Billy Porter Salma Hayek Music by Christophe Beck Jake Monaco Cinematography Jas Shelton Edited by Jay Deuby Production company Artists First Distributed by Paramount Pictures Release date January 10, 2020 (US) Running time 83 minutes Country United States Language English Budget $29 million [1] Box office $25. 9 million [1] [2] Like a Boss is a 2020 American comedy film directed by Miguel Arteta, written by Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly, and starring Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, Jennifer Coolidge, Natasha Rothwell, Billy Porter, and Salma Hayek. The plot follows two friends who attempt to take control of their cosmetics company back from an industry titan. The film was released on January 10, 2020, by Paramount Pictures. It received negative reviews from critics and has grossed $25 million. Premise [ edit] Two friends with very different personalities run their own beauty company, Mia&Mel though one is more practical, while the other wants to earn her fortune quickly and live a lavish lifestyle. Things take a turn for the worse when their company runs into debt, forcing them to turn to an unscrupulous benefactor who intends to steal the business out from under them. The two must address their differences to save their business. Cast [ edit] Tiffany Haddish as Mia Carter, a co-owner of Mel & Mia's, with a brash personality. Rose Byrne as Mel Paige, a co-owner of Mel & Mia's, who is more business-savvy, but lacks the confidence of her partner. Salma Hayek as Claire Luna, a cosmetics mogul who obtains a controlling share of Mel & Mia's while bailing out the owners. She plans to steal their innovative new product ideas for herself. Jennifer Coolidge as Sydney, Mel and Mia's co-worker Billy Porter as Barrett, Mel and Mia's employee Ari Graynor as Angela, Mel and Mia's friend Natasha Rothwell as Jill, Mel and Mia's friend Jessica St. Clair as Kim, Mel and Mia's friend Karan Soni as Josh Tinker, Claire's right-hand man Jacob Latimore as Harry Jimmy O. Yang as Ron Ryan Hansen as Greg Seth Rollins as Byron Veronica Merrell as Lola Vanessa Merrell as Layla Caroline Arapoglou as Brook Lisa Kudrow as Shay Production [ edit] On October 23, 2017, it was announced that Paramount Pictures had bought a female-centered comedy spec, Limited Partners, specifically as a starring role for Tiffany Haddish. The film was written by Sam Pitman & Adam Cole-Kelly, from a story by the two, and Danielle Sanchez-Witzel, and was produced by Peter Principato, Itay Reiss, and Joel Zadak through their Principato-Young Entertainment (now known as Artists First). [3] In July 2018, Paramount set Miguel Arteta as director. [4] Later the same month, Rose Byrne was cast as the film's other lead. [5] In September 2018, Salma Hayek was added to play the villain. [6] In October 2018, Ari Graynor, Jacob Latimore, Karan Soni, Jimmy O. Yang, Natasha Rothwell, Jessica St. Clair and Billy Porter also joined the cast of the film. [7] Principal photography on the film began in October 2018. [6] In July 2019, the film was re-titled Like a Boss. [8] Release [ edit] Like a Boss was released on January 10, 2020 by Paramount Pictures. [9] It was previously scheduled for June 28, 2019. [10] Reception [ edit] Box office [ edit] As of February 7, 2020, Like a Boss has grossed $21. 8 million in the United States and Canada, and $4 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $25. 9 million. [1] [2] In the United States and Canada, the film was released alongside Underwater and the expansions of Just Mercy and 1917, and was projected to gross $10–12 million from 3, 078 theaters in its opening weekend. [11] The film made $3. 9 million on its first day of release, including $1 million from Thursday night previews. It went on to debut to $10 million, finishing fifth at the box office. [12] Critical response [ edit] On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 21% based on 107 reviews, with an average rating of 4. 15/10. The site's critics consensus reads, " Like a Boss oversees a merger of powerful comedic talents, but the end results are likely to leave audience members feeling swindled out of their investments. " [13] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 32 out of 100 based on 28 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews. " [14] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B" on an A+ to F scale, and PostTrak reported it received an average 3 out of 5 stars from viewers. [12] Rolling Stone ’s Peter Travers gave the film 1 out of 5 stars and wrote, "What we have here is a comedy on life support, with Haddish and Byrne valiantly performing futile acts of resuscitation. Sorry to report: The patient died. " [15] References [ edit] ^ a b c "Like a Boss (2020)". Box Office Mojo. IMDb. Retrieved February 8, 2020. ^ a b "Like a Boss (2020)". The Numbers. Retrieved February 7, 2020. ^ Jr, Mike Fleming (October 23, 2017). "Paramount Lands Pitch Vehicle For 'Girls Trip' Breakout Tiffany Haddish". Deadline. Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ Jr, Mike Fleming (July 9, 2018). "Paramount Wins Scrum For Tiffany Haddish; Miguel Arteta To Direct Her In 'Limited Partners ' ". Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ Kit, Borys (July 16, 2018). "Rose Byrne in Talks to Join Tiffany Haddish in 'Limited Partners' (Exclusive)". The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ a b Vlessing, Etan (September 28, 2018). "Salma Hayek Joins Tiffany Haddish in Paramount Comedy 'Limited Partners ' ". Retrieved October 13, 2018. ^ Kroll, Justin (October 18, 2018). "Tiffany Haddish's 'Limited Partners' Rounds Out Cast (EXCLUSIVE)". Variety. Retrieved October 18, 2018. ^ Pederson, Erik (July 31, 2019). "Paramount Retitles Tiffany Haddish-Rose Byrne Buddy Comedy; Release Date Holds – Update". Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved July 31, 2019. ^ Pederson, Erik (March 15, 2019). "Paramount Moves 'Limited Partners' To 2020 & Dates 'The Tiger's Apprentice' Toon". Retrieved March 17, 2019. ^ Galuppo, Mia (May 23, 2018). "Paramount Removes 'Transformers 7' From Calendar, Dates 'Rocketman ' ". Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ D'Alessandro, Anthony (January 6, 2020). " ' 1917' Advance Ticket Sales Already Fired Up From Golden Globe Wins As Sam Mendes Pic Sees $25M Opening". Retrieved January 7, 2020. ^ a b D'Alessandro, Anthony (January 12, 2020). " ' 1917' Strong With $36M+, But 'Like A Boss' & 'Just Mercy' Fighting Over 4th With $10M; Why Kristen Stewart's 'Underwater' Went Kerplunk With $6M+". Retrieved January 12, 2020. ^ "Like a Boss (2020)". Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango. Retrieved January 23, 2020. ^ "Like a Boss Reviews". Metacritic. CBS Interactive. Retrieved January 11, 2020. ^ Travers, Peter (January 9, 2020). " ' Like a Boss': Whoever Made This Inane Comedy Should Be Fired". Rolling Stone. Retrieved January 9, 2020. External links [ edit] Like a Boss on IMDb.

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For more information on limited partnerships, including how to draft a limited partnership agreement, get Form a Partnership: The Complete Legal Guide, by Ralph Warner and Denis Clifford (Nolo).



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