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An American expat tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire in London, triggering plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail in an attempt to steal his domain out from under him
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About time Mr Ritchie has done another and Hugh is still kicking about.

Why do those two kids remind me of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? 😶

This movie is so good! Charlie hunnam kills it. Mickey, Raymond and Fletcher are the main three parts of the story. Fletcher who is a dirty private detective who finds dirt on rich powerful people then tries to sell it to the highest bidder. In this instance Fletcher has dirt on Mickey who is the weed Lord of England, but like any very successful man Mickey has a Mrs, Rosalind (Michelle Dockery), so Mickey wants to settle down and sell his drug empire. And this is where the story kicks off there is doublecrosses those attempted murders assassins and a pound of flesh that needs to be claimed all wrapped up in a Guy Ritchie blanket of awesomeness with gunfights car chases and gangsters galore.

The Gentlemen The Gentlemen is a movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, and Michelle Dockery. A British drug lord tries to sell off his highly profitable empire to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires. Genres: Action, Crime Actors: Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong Director: Guy Ritchie Country: USA Duration: 113 min Quality: SD Release: 2019 8. 2. I noticed most of this years ago and everyone called me a snob and judgemental about movie but ha! I have other snobs to back me up.

Je t'écoute comme toujours mais je ne vois que ton t-shirt.
Why did you think about it? Around 4:53 Kappa.
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Maybe next time try a larger angle so you can see more of the front row. I dont need to have them in my mouth to appreciate their wit. Anyway. Amazing ♥ love them all together, and individually ♥.

When has Kermode's opinion ever been relevant. I have my own mind and thankfully don't listen to his nonsense. Awesome film very funny from minute one. Enjoy. This theme reminds me of Man of Steel, so sad we didn't get Affleck's solo Batman movie. Saw an advanced screening of this. Great movie! Lots of fun.

Nice to see Guy Ritchie return to his roots. Can't wait to see this. Charlie's Eyebrows grows as much as his hair TBH. Rami look so mysterious and stunning. Oouuh can't wait for this. And waiting for a colosal soundtrack as usual 🙌😊. Never knew i was waiting for this till they made it. So the Beach Bum got rich, and decided to be a gentleman. Hugh grant looks as if he's stole this film from all the rest. Be going to see this. I am here because Olivia... That Charlie Hunnam voice impersonation just made be binge on a tonne of SOA clips lol. A more mature gangster movie that glorifies the gangster life without glorifying the violence, which means there's a lot of talking, but not much else. Solid performances from the entire cast, but the story wasn't that engaging and the twists weren't that surprising. Good use of humour and style, but the lead up to and inclusion of the 4th wall cameo felt unnecessary.

Disney: Hey can I copy your homework? Rockstar Games: Yeah just make sure it looks different. Disney: this film. Mne sa to páčilo... taká Modrá ustrica. No mention of Coming To America 2 or No Time To Die - definitely looking forward to Bad Boys For Life, Ford vs Ferrari and The King's Man et cetera. 4:17 I want a relationship as committed as this dude. 'The Gentlemen (2020) is fine, consistently engaging and occasionally quite fun. It does have a plethora of problems, though. First of all, it's never quite clear just who we're supposed to be rooting for. This doesn't feel intentional and seems to be the result of its odd, flashback-based structure. There isn't a great sense of escalation and the pace remains mostly consistent. The narrative doesn't catch up with itself until far too late and, even then, it's annoying how most of the story is told via narrated exposition to someone apparently directly involved with most of its events. Secondly, the flick is simply an amalgamation of genre tropes and stock characters, almost exactly what you expect from a Guy Ritchie movie that isn't 'Aladdin (2019. The characters aren't really given the time necessary to develop properly; they're always walking stereotypes. Some of them even seem like stand-ins for the director himself, with talk of "proper cinema" and references to films like 'The Conversation (1973) being "a bit boring. Finally, the flick is kind of racist. Almost every character makes some kind of racist remark, mainly against members of Asian and Black communities, and it's often used for supposed 'humour. The worst offence is probably when a major character says another has a 'black heart' while specifically referencing race. The flick's treatment of women isn't much better, with the only female character coming under the threat of rape just so she can be violently saved by a white man. It all feels outdated, like someone scrambling against apparent 'PC gone mad. Plus, a lot of time is strangely spent trying to justify its problematic elements; characters have discussions about whether or not certain racist remarks are actually racist. All of this results in an affair that only sours with time, staying in your mind just long enough for you to consider its faults and then slipping away into complete obscurity. It's really forgettable, probably because it's so generic. It's not terrible, though. As I mentioned, it's often quite enjoyable and it's always engaging. Hugh Grant's scene-stealing performance is a real highlight, too. It's messy and misjudged but it's entertaining enough to keep you in your seat. 5/10.

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