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Directed by: Yu Yang
Country: China
review: Ne Zha zhi mo tong jiang shi is a movie starring Yanting Lü, Joseph, and Mo Han. Born with unique powers, a boy is recruited to fight demons and save the community that fears him
Release year: 2019
Yunyun Wei

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Ne au mers fulgii. Ne zha full movie. Nezha movie. Ne zha 2019 movie. Feeling excited to se ÑÈZHÀ's character after a long time. First time I saw her the java game Apotheosize😃😃😃😃. Ne zha movie 2019. I just watched Nezha in theater and I loved it very much! It has spectacular graphics, great voice acting, interesting plot and well paced story telling. Although it is based on popular Chineses mythology tales, the movie adds some changes and twists to the stories to make it more fun and unpredictable. The director tells the story from an angle about prejudice, fate and friendship, which I think is something that everyone can relate to. Overall, it is a blast to watch this great movie and I highly recommend it.

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Ne zh 01. OK Ill just say that we all know Michelle Pfeiffer is going to be the evil queen who wants absolute power and control. Must IMAX ! I told u !. Ne zha - นาจา. Bal Hanuman 😁. Currently the highest performing animated film and third film overall the Chinese box office, Ne Zha will be released abroad. It is set for a series of international releases after breaking records at home. Now, if you are in North America, or Australia, New Zealand, don’t wait long to see Ne Zha in the theater. Well Go USA Entertainment will release the film exclusively in select 3D Imax theaters across North America on Aug. 29, followed by a nationwide expansion on Sept. 6. The film comes out in Australia on the 23rd and in New Zealand on the 29th. Here is the official trailer, NE ZHA (2019)... Loading….

Secret Obsession should be a Lifetime TV movie, not Netflix, lol. Ne zha (2019) นาจา. ME: Oh a movie with James Bond and Captain America Trailer: From Rian Johnson ME: No thank you next trailer please. Really want to write a review for that excellant movie. it make me laugh and cry.
Ne Zha (2019) s graphic design, 3d animation and the fight scene are so outstanding, world class level. bring a new era for chinese animation.
great adaptation of the chinese legend story, beyond expectation.
great bro romance,family romance, funny and touching.
the story also bring out meaningful value, the movie deserve to win best 2019 animation movie in the world.
with the high box office in china, looking forward sequel happen.

Nezha build. N hacked. Thanks for showing the whole movie. Nezha movie 2019. Nah jah - Omg, NOT even close. It's {Neu Dja. Can't wait for Fenrir! And I hope Hermes will be in this game as well! D. Nezha regragui. Wait. Ne Zha is a guy. Nezha bidouane. 9:12 Secret Obsession. I've probably seen the plot in several other movies somewhere else. But I'm still watching this one anyway. Isn't that another song?.

I reallllly love this movie!
This is the best Chinese anime I have ever saw!
I like Ne Zha, Ao Bing, and Shen Gong Bao.
I am looking forward to see Ne Zha 2. Ne zha zhi mo tong jiang shi. I miss the old days when he melted his enemyes with his 2(1-3 shots) and had the more bouncy ring. nerfed 1000 times. You won't get any surprise here but the quality(in general) is pretty good. One comment to people who complain about subtitles and give bad rating :at least you guys should try to adapt. I mean movie from China mostly have subtitles. When I come to Canada, watch movies with no subtitles and in English I can still distinguish which one is good and which one is bad.

I like the defeat animation xD. 5:06 Leading to a double kill She says as Ne Zha only gets an assist. xD. The being Frank one looks like a dumb version of like 10 lifetime movies I watched with my mom. Thank you for showing whole movie.

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